New Orleans Style Snowball Maker

I chose to interview workers at a pop up New Orleans style snowball store in the West Village. I arrived early, before the owner, Neesa, was there and interviewed her employee, Taylor.
I ended up, with two interviews, which actually helped when I was editing, as I realized that my interview with Neesa didn’t have the direction paired with natural sound that my interview with Taylor had. For that reason, I created two clips, one with Taylor telling me how to make a New Orleans style snowball and another with Neesa, telling me how she came up with the idea for opening a pop-up snowball shop in New York City and offering anecdotes about her experiences with snowballs as a child in New Orleans.

The first clip is the interview with Neesa Peterson, the owner of Imperial Woodpecker Snowballs.

The second clip is the interview with Taylor Trentini who works at Imperial Woodpecker Snowballs.

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