Scene & Sound: Weekend Edition

For this assignment, I wanted to choose a Radiolab segment. There’s really no other show that uses sound quite like Radiolab. But it’s more interesting and informative in this case, I think, to see how a straightforward audio news story is delivered with sound and scenes. Obviously, a show like Weekend Edition can’t take as many creative liberties as the Radiolab team can. So it may not be as much fun to listen to, but it’s great to hear how sound can be dispersed through a news segment in order to keep the story going.

The sounds of water running, walnuts being peeled, whistling, dogs barking, vegetables being planted and footsteps can all be heard in this short, three-minute audio segment. Each sound adds to the story. And the reporter is able to set the scene by using various voices that tell the listener what’s going on. The various sounds actually depict several scenes, which I thought was impressive given the short length of the segment.


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