Obama and home brewing. ATC

Obama Polishes his “Regular Guy” Image With Beer



In an answer to, “Which presidential candidate would you rather have a beer with?” Obama has gone one step further: brewing his own.  The report features Nick Bruening, a worker at the Brew Hut, a home brew supply store in Colorado.  Nick Bruening does his interview in the store where he works accompanied by the soft sounds of light commerce, people browsing in the background, likely scanning the shelves for some of those choice grains that apparently go into the best home brews.  The talk of the grains themselves  segues into the most distinct sound: grains being poured onto… more grains I think.

To a lesser extent, there is also audio from a video clip provided by the White House website featuring the White House brew master, which is actually a thing that exists and that our tax dollars may very well be paying for.  The audio here is mostly just the brew master talking about his secret brew while the sounds of kitchen work go on behind him.

In this entire story, there’s really not so much on-scene sound that it adds anything significant to the story, but it does at least suggest that the reporter got out of the studio. On at least the sampling of All Things Considered that I listened to (the weekend edition as well as the September 19th edition), I was surprised by the relative lack of stories from the field.  Even when the stories did include ambient noise, they rarely made much of an effort to weave it into the larger story.  For the most part, a heavy reliance on studio interviews seemed to stand in for the you-are-there immediacy that the ever-present ambient sound provided in the brewing story, however miniscule that ambient sound might have been.

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