Morning Edition: Minor League Baseball Story

This morning on Morning Edition reporter David Greene presented a story on ┬áminor league baseball player Reid Gorecki, who was traded from his hometown team the Long Island Ducks in New York to the Camden Riversharks in New Jersey. This was just a great story overall, with great questions and in turn strong, emotional quotes. In terms of sound, Greene captured the sound of the heavy rain that washed out the game Gorecki was to play that night. It was a nice touch. Also before introducing the show newscasters played a clip of an organ recording of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” It was a fun, nice touch. There was locker room banter between Gorecki and his fellow teammates which brought them to life more. I would have liked to hear the crack of the ball or something like that, but, as it was raining, no one played ball that night.

Here’s a link to the story on line:

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