Eggs and Radio

This report by Carrie Kahn on the Mexican egg shortage uses sound in a very effective way. After introducing the topic and explaining how price spikes are making this staple food inaccessible to a large part of the population, the sound of frying eggs pushes the story forward. This first sound not only relates to the general topic but also introduces the upcoming soundbite of a street vendor cooking eggs and showing that Mexico indeed has a voracious appetite for eggs. Later in the report, the sound of egg cartons opening and closing takes the listener straight to a scene where a man is checking for broken eggs before putting them for sale.

The ways these sounds are introduced in this five minute report are also very smooth. The transitions between the script, the scenes and the interviews are spotless, and I believe this helps the listener feel familiar to and engaged by the topic.

I think I had never heard a food related story on the radio before, let alone it being told in such a sensory way. Food stories usually rely on visual representations (video, photo) or on vivid, detailed descriptions (print), leaving out one of the key (although often overlooked) senses when it comes to cooking: hearing. I loved how this report reinstated it and relied on it in order to tell a compelling, successful story.

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