All Things Considered Hazing Article

A recent story in NPR’s “All Things Considered” focused on the suspension of a university’s marching band because one of its members was killed in a hazing incident. The article, “FAMU Adjusts to Games Without Marching Band” managed to capture a scene and sound very well.

FAMU’s drummer was killed in a hazing accident last November and the town seems to be blaming everyone. They are holding a meeting tomorrow, which they claim is “mandatory” and classes have even been canceled. The article capture’s thoughts on the meeting and the idea that of everyone being punished, but it also focuses on the scene: a football game without a marching band.

The scene is depicted very well in the article’s pictures. Readers can see what the game is like with the football players, but we wonder if the season will be as active as it once was without the band. There is also another strong picture of the hazing victim’s funeral.

Through the radio clip, we can hear the scene of the game. There are cheerleaders screaming but then there is the sound of a rapper, who is the band’s replacement. It’s kind of odd and it shows how the game has changed now that the band isn’t playing anymore – it’s an odd pairing because we would expect to hear cheerleaders and a different type of music. This sound shows the change within the scene of a FAMU game.

Another effective sound was the speech/moment of silence for the deceased drumming student. It captures the sadness of the situation and how something as horrible as this can ruin games that have gone on for years.

Overall, setting the scene at the football game and using the rapper and speaker’s voice was an accurate way to bring people into the article, rather than just interview people’s thoughts (which they did, too).

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