All Things Considered: “Adrian Sherwood: Dub Without Borders”

In this report by Samy Yenigun about English dub producer Adrian Sherwood, the scene is perfectly set when Sherwood describes the atmosphere and the sounds inside London reggae clubs in the 1970’s. He uses vivid language like “You thought the building was being demolished!” and as he makes a crashing noise with his mouth, the deep tremor of a dub bassline pushes in the storyline. This careful sound editing bring the listener into the scene that Sherwood is describing. It also helps that he has a cockney accent.

Another great thing about this report is how we seamlessly go from one musical style to another. The transition from dub to industrial rock could seem difficult to make but Sherwood clearly explains how he applied some caracteristics of dub to industrial music as a producer with, on top of that, musical examples where the listener can hear these similarities (around 2:00). ┬áListening to this report also made me realize that radio may be the absolute best medium for music journalism. It avoids all the wordiness of written word reviews (I’m looking at you Pitchfork) and just replaces it with the actual music. Common sense really.

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