Scripts from Team 1

Lady Gaga held a private party at Macy’s in Herald Square Friday afternoon for 200 lucky Little Monsters.
The first 200 to purchase her fragrance received VIP passes to the event.
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The event followed the official “Fame” launch party Thursday night at the Guggenheim museum.
No stranger to spectacle, Gaga was tattooed in front of an audience after sleeping in a giant replica of a perfume bottle for an hour.
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The distinctive black fragrance was released worldwide on September first.
From Herald Square, this is Ann Marie Awad

New York City banned large soda drinks Thursday in an 8-0 vote.
In six months, sodas 16 ounces or greater cannot be purchased in delis with letter grades, restaurants or stadium and theater attractions.
Diet sodas are okay provided they have 25 calories per 8 ounces.
Some are unhappy with this new law.
Others think there are more important things to worry about.
Danielle Valente, Times Square

A video considered blasphemous to Islam has led to anti-American protests and attacks this past week.
On Tuesday, U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, were killed during an attack in Libya.
Protests have spread to over a dozen countries, including Yemen and Tunisia.
Patti Kraut, visiting New York from Ohio, was angry about the video, as well as the loss of life.
“I heard it was atrocious, I haven’t seen it. And I’m afraid.”
Her husband, Eric Kraut, worried the protests could lead to a larger problem.
“People have always worried that the Mideast could develop into a powderkeg and lead to something much bigger, and I think that is for every American the disturbing part and scary part.”
Secretary of State Clinton denounced the video, saying the American government had nothing to do with it.
This is Maya Rajamani reporting from Times Square.

The Jewish new year or Rosh Hashanah begins Sunday and runs through Tuesday. Standing outside of a Winnebago labeled the Mitzvah Tank near 55th street, Rabbi Shia Angle says the holiday is a time to reflect on the previous year, remeber acts of kindness and take on a new resolution for the year ahead.
Traditions during the celebration include attending synagogue, eating an apple dipped in honey, which symbolizes a sweet meal for a sweet new year
And the SHOWFUR an instrument made from a ram’s horn.
From Times Square, this is Topher Forhecz.

Stoneham – circumcision
New York’s Board of Health unanimously approved a measure yesterday requiring parental consent before a controversial practice associated with ultra-Orthodox Jewish circumcisions can be performed.
The act requires the rabbi to place his mouth on the penis of the baby just after removal of the foreskin in order to perform suction.
The Board of Health worries that the practice could pass along communicable diseases.
In fact, at least 11 newborns have been infected with the Herpes Simplex virus since 2004. Two of them later died.
Given the health risks, Talmudic student Aryeah Laufer doesn’t see a problem with the law so long as consent is all that’s required.
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“Being that the one who performs the circumcision has to make sure it’s done in a fully health manner, is something that goes without saying. I personally think just as a sideput, I think hands or more uncleanly than lips. That’s a personal thought. They touch a lot more places than lips do.”
Many Rabbis report that they will not follow the new law.

NHL Lockout script
The National Hockey League is one day away from a lockout as the league officials and the player’s unions can’t seem to find common ground on a new collective bargaining contract.
The last agreement, drafted 7 years ago is going to expire at midnight on Saturday. The NHL owners and the players disagree about the distribution of hockey related revenue which incorporates everything from gate receipts to merchandise sales. 57% of that used to go to the players, but the owners would want to bring that number down, possibly to 47%.
The last lock out caused the entire 2004-2005 season to be cancelled. And the perspective of that happening worries George Barrett, a 39 year-old hockey coach and lifelong fan of the Islanders:
The new season is set to begin on October 11th and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has announced that it wouldn’t start without a new deal.
Charles Pellegrin, Madison Square Gardens.

Rapist David Albert Mitchel was arrested yesterday after assaulting a 73-year-old woman in Central Park.

The assault took place on Wednesday at 11 a.m. near Strawberry Fields, one of the park’s busiest spots.

Jennifer Sánchez, a 20-year-old woman who works near the area, doesn’t feel safe anymore in her booth selling maps and giving advice to tourists.


The woman, who identified the man from a lineup, is still hospitalized but stable.

The police said this is an isolated case and that crime has not been on the rise in Central Park this year.

This is Dominique Lemoine, reporting from Strawberry Fields, in Central Park.

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