RAMAK Increases Citizen Awareness in Haiti

Just realized I posted this to my portfolio blog instead of We’re All Ears. Here is my civic radio example…

I found is an initiative called Haiti Media Assistance and Civic Education Program known locally by its Kreyol acronym RAMAK. The initiative was organized by education development firm Creative Associates International as a way to increase awareness in Haitian citizens of their rights and to assist them in applying these rights to their daily lives using community radio stations across Haiti. To do that, RAMAK developed a 12-part radio soap-opera called Kadejak nan Ans Mari, was broadcast in Kreyol on several community radio stations. The success of that series spawned another series called Bel Pawol Kandida (which translates to pretty words), which increased citizens’ awareness of political campaigns and politicians’ accountability to its constituents. RAMAK also brought equipment to radio journalists throughout Haiti and educated these journalists on the use of the equipment, thus empowering a network of local journalists working to inform the Haitian public.

Here is a link to a Youtube video from Internews posted 2009, honoring RAMAK radio stations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJUDew-WTdc

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