I came across an initiative in Phnom Penh, established to give young Cambodians between the age of 15 and 24  a platform from which they could express their opinions to government officials ahead of the 2013 elections. I wasn’t sure if we had to pick a radio station we could understand, but I was curious to poke around a little outside of English-based stations.

The program is administered and funded by the BBC Media Action and UNDP. The program, called Loy9, is not exclusively radio (it includes a TV component as well), and is meant to get young people more invovled with political developments throughout the country. The campaign is designed and run by local Cambodian professionals, which I think is important when building out such an initiative.

The project noted a study discussing the very low understanding/awareness of young people about their political system, and how the campaign is meant to inform this demographic. The study also noted that 30% of Cambodians are between the 15-24 age range, making it the youngest country in SouthEast Asia.


Here is the program website.

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