Radio as Career Coach

With my hectic schedule of commuting and journalism school, I don’t get much time to listen to radio. However, I do always take some time to listen to 107.7 FM The Bronc, a local radio station run by Rider University, where I attended undergrad. While listening last night, I heard an advertisement for “Your Career is Calling“, a radio show that runs on Sunday mornings. The show is basically about how to find a job as spelled out by a career coach Rod Colon. While this is only a campus station, the signal gets carried throughout the county and has an online stream. Parts of Mercer County were hit pretty hard by the recession, particularly Trenton, which dealt with the double whammy of a poor economy and Governor Christie cutting state jobs. As most households own a radio, it seems like a good way to help people by giving them job hunting and career advice they’d normally lack access to without money.


The Bronc’s Schedule

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