Luther will find your dog.


I admit this isn’t the most profound example of radio as a civic tool, but I really like this story.  This older gentleman, Luther Masingill,  uses his radio show for good.  He’s worked at WDEF in Chattanooga for over seventy years.


One day, he got a call from a woman who was trying to find her lost dog.  He helped her, and then helped a lot of other people find their lost dogs.  Now, he’s known for helping people find dogs, cats, horses, etc.


I think Luther is a really good example of radio as a civic tool.  Even though finding lost dogs may not seem like a big deal, Luther’s story underscores the power of radio and its ability to get information to people.  A lot of the stories I read said he found someone’s dog on the same day he announced it.  Some of these people had been looking for their dogs for weeks before they called Luther.


People in Chattanooga who listen to Luther everyday trust him and have a relationship with him.  That means Luther has a lot of power to influence them.  In his case, he uses that to find their dogs and make people happy.  I like that.


The following link is to an article about Luther.


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