Golden Apple: 24 hours of stories

24 Hours at the Golden Apple produces a lot of stories to tell. Reporters go to tables of customers, staff, and even Ira Glass throws in his own 2 Cents once or twice when he relays his knowledge of kids in this neighborhood in Chicago loving the Golden Apple’s Micky Mouse Pancakes. The story starts at 5 a.m. and early on we here from a waitress Donna who has been working the night shift for two decades. The program then buttons with her on the end, 24 hours later, at the close of her second night shift in a row, which is a convention I like. It gives the story a full circle. The pieces flow from one story into the next and seem as if the reporters were literally going from table to table to take in all the people that come in tot he diner. The day is played out in time, announced by Glass and moves from sections of customers and types of people with music in between to make a smooth transition. In the morning you have the breakfast crowd and regulars, by midday, parents with their kids come to eat late breakfasts or take a break from their activities. Late afternoon shows regulars coming back to the diner for a second or third time and then of course the late night drunk crowd on a Saturday night come to get food after a night out. The ambient sound changes throughout the day as well. Generally quitter in the morning, the sounds of the restaurant grow louder with dinner and then to a very high level when the drunk crowd comes in. It seems like nobody but pancakes gets ordered in this diner and LOT of coffee is served. It is a good mix of the neighborhood from moms, to a woman their for 74 years, silly teenage girls and cops taking break from their beat. The cross section of people coming to this one place is impressive. All the stories were stand outs and I am wondering how many stores they recorded and reported on before taking this handful of interesting tales to include in the program. The crazy woman who thought she was a cowboy in a past life was a stand out and the old woman talking about the gays was another favorite. Her honesty and candidness was refreshing. And of course, Tom Waits to end the program with Eggs and Sausage was a nice touch.

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