Listening Assignment: All Things Considered feature on Illegal Immigration in Israel

Israel is implementing new measures to address the influx of African immigrants traveling illegally into the country.  The new measures include plans to build a fence beside Israel’s board with Egypt, and a new detention center that will open later this year.  NPR’s Sheera Frenkel begin’s the story by describing the scene at a broken down restaurant started by Abdullah Mohammad Mustafa, an illegal immigrant from Darfur.  I heard voices of people talking in the background, which gave me as a listener a sense of place.
The reporter continues to use the ambi while Mustafa is introduced.  Because immigration is always a divisive subject, I think the reporter decided the best way to approach the subject would be to tell it through a character with an emotional story.  Mustafa escaped conflict in Darfur and opened a restaurant in Israel to have a better life.  Now he  faces the threat of being deported.  Though Mustafa is an illegal immigrant, the fact that he is losing something he loves makes his story relatable to listeners.

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