In Studio Interview with Chike Ukaegbu

Chike Ukaegbu considers himself a pretty complex man.  He’s an intellectual, a writer, poet, life coach, and mentor all in one.  Three years ago he added another name to his laundry list of titles: founder of Re:Life Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young men in Harlem and Washington Heights develop the skills they need to become future entrepreneurs.  This is Ukaegbu’s dream, to help at risk youth grow into contributing members of the economy.

The non-profit has experienced some success so far.  Ukaegbu was able to help one young lady, who was out of school for 9 years, get her GED and go to college. His dream, however, is in jeopardy.  Ukaegbu is unable to find the money he needs to make Re: Life Inc. reach its full potential.

Interview with Chike Ukaegbu, founder of Re: LIFE Inc.

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