Chris Brown Walks off GMA Set During Interview

Chris Brown Walks off GMA Set During Interview

During an interview with Good Morning America’s anchor Robin Roberts, singer Chris Brown becomes offended and walks off stage.  Roberts briefly questioned Brown about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna and their rocky past.  The interview was brief and Brown avoided answering any questions about his relationship.  Roberts approached the situation almost immediately during the interview, starting off on a much too intense issue.  Brown had agreed to go on the show to talk about his new album and even agreed to talk about his past relationship with Rihanna.  It was the way in which the questions were asked that seem to strike a nerve.  Roberts first question was about how he is recovering from his broken image before she has an opportunity to build rapport with Brown.

Following the interview, Brown left the stage and threw a chair through a window before leaving the studio completely.  If Roberts had approached the interview with an intention of leading the questions towards his past relationship, she would need to build a trust with Brown.  When she began her interview he was noticeably irritated and his responses were quick.  He would not answer the questions which Roberts was asking, but Roberts continued to circle back to his past.  Roberts interview may have gone smoother had she worked towards the hard hitting questions instead of starting the interview aggressively.  Following Brown’s outburst he tweeted, “I’m so over people bringing this past **** up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for their ********!”

Good Morning America reported the following day about Brown’s outburst on the show.  I’ve included the links to both the interview and the follow up interview.

GMA Follow up

Chris Brown Interview

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