1010 WINS traffic and weather

1010 WINS regularly repeats its weather reports and traffic reports every few minutes in the morning. The weather report is brief, but to the point. The traffic is signaled by theme music that goes under the beginning of the report, and then they give the time when the next report will come around. The time is also regularly given, to the point where you don’t really need to check a clock. I chose this station because 1010 WINS seems to be the most service-oriented radio station in town. It doesn’t dilly dally with idle chats. It gets to the point on what you need to know, and mixes in what you want to know. The station is clearly geared toward commuters who only have a brief period of time to listen in the morning and may be distracted by other things. Besides, I can’t imagine wanting to listen for more than a brief period of time. The news ticker noise gets to me.

Here is a link to listen to the station live online.

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